Really cool use of 3d printing

Too Many Cooks - an opening sequence to a 80's show which has jumped a shiver of sharks

Shame on Roy Lichtenstein... one of his victims speaks out.

"I haz Trouble with Tribblez" in GIF form!

We know the results of this gravitational experiment - but it is still cool to see it!

Stephen Colbert reads Ray Bradbury's "The Veldt"

Data never lies... does it? Spurious Correlation!!!

Sanrio says Hello Kitty is NOT a cat! My mind is blown.

Awesome self-folding paper robots

Museum of Science Fiction: Update!

Ok, it is alittle after the fourth... Drones filming the fireworks in the air

Fan-made Stop Motion Transformers short is honestly awesome!

"Bayhem" - the glorious(?) mayhem of Michael Bay's films

Syntax decomposition of Porky Pig's speech pattern

More Star Trek luv... PixelTrek featuring the Next Generation

Awesome Star Trek:The Original Series All-Character Poster by Dusty Abell

8 sites to check for hoaxes, myths, scams and rumors

Want to look better in pictures without expensive surgeries? Sqiunch!

Jim Nabors @84 - singing at the Indy500 for the last time

Some great recent DC comic related shorts

Homer "solves" Fermat's Last (unsolvable) theorem???

Ever wonder how much it costs to book << music band >>?

Important stuff: How to win at Roshambo!!!

Really great advice/thoughts on career and career happiness

Thunderous Lizard Kings unite and fight!

omigod omigod omigod! This short film spooked the SH@^ out of me!

A great guide for verification of the TREASURE/CRAP from the Internet

Two insanely cute remakes of movies!!!

The "forbidden" 007 movie commentaries are now available!

Batman + True Detective Title Sequence Mashup - "World's Greatest True Detective"

You will believe you are flying as SUPERMAN!

Batman (proven mathematically) rules!!

Scary letter about public pensions from Warren Buffett from 30 years ago

danah boyd's "It's complicated" - try-for-free-and-buy-book

Funny visualization of what a typical BAD conference call would look like "in person"

The evil A.I. from Portal, GLaDOS, teaches you about Fusion Energy. And she loves you.

Get it NOW! Free Dungeon Keeper from! Until Sunday, February 16, at 10:59AM GMT

Life is a game. This is your strategy guide.

But of course, Quantum Physics and Rick Rolling

The mashup I did NOT see coming - "Doctor Who" and "Friends"?

Cuphead - a video game that looks like 1930's style animation.