A great article that covers a new-style marketing Emeryville company using story, games and flashmobs
The events (like the beast for the movie "A.I." and ilovebees for Halo 2) created by 4orty 2wo and recounted in this article is amazing. It is fascinating to see the power and resourcefulness of a ravenous media consumer "hive mind" to overcome the various obstacles (some mental and some physical).

To me, this is inspirational; to see this bridging games design into non-traditional gaming medias. (though, admittedly, it is mostly for marketing reasons.) This is essentially paid disguised-corporate obsessive performance art as a game/soap opera/"free" entertainment.

That's the magic. Making people see new patterns in things (i.e. faxes, payphones, posters, dumb websites about bees) that are, otherwise, everyday mundane.

NOTE: Majestic... that was the name of the cancelled EA.com subscription-based conspiracy from 2001...