A great guide for verification of the TREASURE/CRAP from the Internet

Ever get some newsbit from someone like "Wave the Dave" and wonder, "Does he/she believe this is real?"

  Well, beside the usual trip to www.snopes.com to double check a long-running chain-letter rumor, for more recent/current events, take a look at the "Verification Handbook" (pdf link!!) is a collection of short chapters about how-to-verify-social-media-information.  

  This handbook is edited by Craig Silverman of the Poynter Institute and the creator of the blog Regret the Error.

Chapter 4, "Verifying Images," discusses getting EXIF data from an image, as well as using other corroborating information such as weather conditions (was the picture actually taken on the day claimed... did you know it was raining that day?)

From SearchReSearch (link)


  1. Dave the Wave12:44 PM PDT

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