Tutorial: Beginners Guide to Getting Started with AS3 (Without Learning Flex)

The link is Beginners Guide to Getting Started with AS3 (Without Learning Flex).

Summary from Mark Lapasa's site
Fun with mxmlc.exe
  • Drag and Drop your .as files onto mxmlc.exe and it will output a .swf
  • Overview of compiler options and their aliases
  • .BAT file script to help make .swf’s
Quick AS3 primer from the perspective of an experienced AS2 coder
  • Sprite instead of MovieClip.
  • Display Objects Hierarchy (no more depths)
  • Drawing API (draw on a graphic property rather than on a MovieClip)
  • Embed SWF assets and instantiate them like classes
  • Event Handling (an intermediate example)
  • Package and Class structures
  • “Helper classes” remain outside of a package block but are exclusively available to all classes defined in .as file.
    • “package functions” are defined as a property of a package and are not a property of any class. trace() is a good example of this
  • Visibility modifiers: public, private, protected and internal
  • override: This keyword lets you customize super class methods. Like you could overwrite the function body for trace() with your own method.
  • const/final: Make commit variables and classes respectively as concrete constants
  • Data typing: You can use * as a data type to make the type as a Wild Card (useful for making the compiler happy)
  • int/uint: New integer data types are optimized.
  • “in” keyword: The syntax has changed so that it’s flexible enough to be used in ways outside of a for loop conditional.
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