Tabula Rasa Going Out With A Bang

From SlashDot and, for my friend, Martin (the last human on Earth to actually buy a retail copy of Tabula Rasa - bought Jan 24th, 2009), Tabula Rasa Going Out With A Bang

Though I had a decent 12th level character, I missed the final all out Bane Invasion (watched Slumdog instead - which we liked quite a bit).

Martin, any comments?

UPDATED 3/3/2009: Some videos and pics from the final Bane Assault from Tabula Rasa.


  1. Anonymous1:56 PM PDT

    not a tabula rasa post (sorry fellas) but a note on watchman that there's a dvd out now that narrates the comic: 'Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic' (2009)

    The WSJ says...

    It's fascinating to watch this animated version after the live-action sensory assault on the big screen. The tone is solemn, the figures move slowly -- they're panel-for-panel reproductions of the book in extremely limited animation -- and one actor, Tom Stechschulte, does all the voices, male and female, in an unaffected, almost uninflected style. Yet the colors are dazzling, at least on the Blu-ray disk that arrived a few days ago, and the effect is hypnotic. You not only see clearly but feel strongly, since those colors, words and images all carry emotion, and there's ample time to process it.


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