Kung Fury! Diversity 80's style!

This is a crazy mix of 80's cheesy over the top styling with a healthy dose of Miami Vice, Gods, Dinosaurs, Time travelling, computers via Apple 2 graphics, and a "let's kill Hitler because he is too awesome at Kung Fu"...  yep. 

A dream come true.

He is asking for $200k on Kickstarter (link) but he has already gone beyond that in less than 2 days.

I will be plunking down money for that.

And if you are desiring some gaming 80's style, I suggest you look at "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon" (link) voiced by our favorite 80s action hero (that wasn't Stallone or Schwarzenegger or JCVD or Willis or Weaver) - Michael Biehn.

(thanks to our "eye-on-the-sky" Dave the Wave for the movie tip!)