Open this in case of a fight... a D&D fight, of course

By now, it should be obvious I long for a real Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game experience.  

But since I lack the time and as well as interested folk with the aforementioned time, I console myself with reading about it.  Power Score is a pretty interesting D&D blog!

So one day, when I do play, I want to move quickly through the boring combat and get to the exciting stuff like spending the whole night's session in town shopping for provisions, how much rope to get, mead, and material components for spells.... ha ha... no.

I mean get to the exciting final battles!!

This narrative combat (PDF) seems like a great idea to streamline the game session to get to the good stuff as well as letting the players get some creativity get into beating up the inconsequentials minions to get the Big Bad.  A description of use (here)

And to maybe start the fight  - here's some inflammatory words:



  1. Wave of Blood10:38 AM PST

    The Gandalf argument is quite compelling! I like it!


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