A lot of buzz lately online about AJAX.
AJAX seems to be a catch-all term for dynamic webpages utilizing any combination of DTHML, Flash, Scripting languages, Server-based tech, almost anything.
I'm not too clear on why it is getting the buzz lately but here's an article that tries to explain it (with links of it's own). It uses XMLHttpRequest with the server to get data from the server but with a dynamic (or rich media) front-end.
These [Flash, RubyOnRails, et al.] are vastly different approaches, but we agreed that they are all forms of Ajax - using sub-page information transfer to support a rich interface that allows developers to be freed from some of the constraints of conventional stateless http page-refreshing web design and to be able to better collaborate with user-experience focused UI designers to make applications that are intuitive and responsive.
Examples of AJAX in use:I just hope it doesn't devolve into another fragmentation war.