Man, this is going to be Tuvix-class mess
Being a semi-sane Star Trek nut, here is a FAQ about the upcoming (year 2007) Star Trek Online game. Another Star Trek site. But the year 2007 seems pretty far away and it seems the engine will be kinda dated by then...but damn the photon torpedos and set the phasers on stun 'cuz this is gonna go Warp Factor 8! - 2005-03-17
UPDATED: 2005-07-14 - They updated the FAQ for STO.

Will there be an economy?
We expect there to be some form of economy though we have not yet decided on its exact form. As in the series, an economy will be present, but not emphasized.

And if they don't have an economy, what the heck are they going to be doing? Fighting for Dyes?