Is this the Golden Age and we don't even know it?

Related to this earlier blog entry, here are more posts about the depletion of world Oil reserves and the concept of "peak oil." If this is truly happening (even as a partial truth), it is a really frightening view and makes me feel kinda sick.

We could be living in the "Golden Age" of civilization, looking over the precipice of our impending doom and not even know it. - 2005-06-05

UPDATED - 2005-07-19 : Possible change in Chevron's acknowledgement of a looming global oil shortage? Scary? You bet.

UPDATED - 2005-08-16 : The Onion's take on oil dependence

UPDATED - 2005-08-23 : This is a link to list of preparations for this crisis. Personally, I haven't done any of this and it sounds little like survivalist school but, honestly, I just don't want to think about it. It is too damn depressing.


  1. I guess since I asked you to add a comments section, now I have to comment (I don't usually post on blogs because I'm shy, but since you promised nobody reads this, I guess I'll make an exception this time).

    Oh, yeah...about the end of the world. I hope it's not going to happen this week, because I'm kind of busy at work and my in-laws are coming on the weekend.

    Seriously, this is disturbing and my only reaction has been to vow to read up on it more with the hope of discovering signs of these people being extremist crackpots (or at least big exaggerators). Besides, if they're right, it doesn't seem like there's much I can do about it anyway but hang on for the ride.

    Not that I'd mind returning to a more rural, agrarian's just the economic collapse, chaos and war part that goes with the transition that I object to.

    Now that I think about it, here's an alternate theory: these guys are actually a covert pro-oil group tasked with discouraging any shift from petroleum by proposing such a dire situation that everyone gives up on trying to do anything (sorry, that's extreme).

    Anyway, if it goes down, I'm showing up at your door, Tony, 'cuz you're the one that brought this to my attention. (Whoa, sorry for the novel...guess I should get my own blog!).


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