Thoughts on developing Strategy from Objectives

This article about defining strategies (for website but still helpful for other applications) from objectives... Interesting template. It helps crystallize your thoughts.
The Strategy

Your strategy will define how you are going to achieve the objective you just developed. When it’s finished, the strategy will outline the who, what, and why of the website. A strategy for the above example might look something like this:

To convince… anyone who wants to create better websites
to read… A List Apart
instead of… Reader’s Digest
because… A List Apart actually has articles on the subject whereas Reader’s Digest contains none.

That’s it. Strategy is served.

As with the objective, the verbs in the top two lines of the strategy can be changed out but the last two lines must stay the same, because they identify your competitors and the rationale for choosing your site over the competition’s.

As I’ve stated earlier, this process can be more involved and detailed if the situation requires it. Otherwise, these four lines are all that’s needed to clearly define the site’s purpose—and in those cases where more is needed, this format can be used as a starting point to communicate the project’s core purpose.