How Lost bends the rules

From Boing Boing, How Lost bends the rules is an interesting thought about a story can reveal a core reality-redefining change late which pulls and "explains" the weirdness and strangeness together.

Some shows that pop in my head were
  • Dallas and the season of dream as Patrick Duffy walks out of the shower (which people hated)
  • St. Elsewhere ending in the imagination of a child staring at a snow globe (which people hated)
  • Newhart ending with Bob waking up in his previous show with Suzanne Pleshette (which people loved!)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer which had one isolated episode where it implied the whole series was the fantasy figment of Buffy's comatose dreams and how her "friends" keep pulling her back into her world (which I felt was weird - but I really didn't like most of Season 6)

Show that could have used some explaining
  • X-Files