Unity3D 2.5: Coming Soon to Windows IDE Support

Unity3D 2.5 Coming Soon, with Windows IDE Support announcement is quite the news.

This was the only other platform I would really consider jumping towards and away from Flash technology.

Iphone compatible as well?

See Awesome 2008 list of Unity3d games


  1. The 2.5 update for Unity will be for the core product. iPhone development will remain at 1.0.1 and is still Mac-only (since it publishes an Xcode project, it is unlikely that the OS requirement will change even when the iPhone version sees an update based on some of 2.5's new features).

    If you happen to be participating in the Global GameJam this upcoming weekend, your participation gives you access to a beta of Unity 2.5 (we are a sponsor). If not, you can always tell yourself that waiting makes it all the sweeter (if you have a Mac, you can check out a trial for 2.1 in the meantime).

  2. Thank you for the clarification about the iPhone, Charles!

    Didn't plan for a weekend of gamemaking so I'll have to wait for the release!

    Adobe is really missing the boat on this. You guys really have some amazing games!


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