Economic Crisis Poses Threat To Global Stability : NPR

A two-part article from Tom Gjelten ( about yet another possible vector of attack due to our current dire economic straits:
Granted this merely adds to the current "Sky-is-Falling" scenario, this shows how closely the world is linked together.


  1. Anonymous1:17 PM PST

    To add something new to our conversation of a few days ago, these articles should remind those of history about the rise of fascism and highened appeal of militant communism in the 1930s that stemmed from the economic stress of collapse of markets after the Roaring 20s. Berlin, Munich (Hitler anyone?) and Prague were key locales for street violence between the left and right. Secret police enjoyed tremendous powers as well as governments tried to maintain some control. Japan too accelerated its turn to militarism at this time as well. While I think US can avoid this excessive result, we have already seen the signs of this in structurally weak (politically) countries like Russia, Venezeula and Pakistan. The more relevant question to us is what will happen to Mexico and China, with the first being a weak state facing a ever-more violent drug war and the second with a history of totalitarianism. Hence my fear of "one-step-forward-two-back".

  2. Leave it to "Anonymous" to raise a historical parallel that is even more scary than I originally imagined.

    Yeah, Mexico is definitely devolving and it is such a close proximity. I imagine a refugee flood soon.


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