So much Left 4 Dead love!!!

These are wonderful Left 4 Dead valentines from Alexandria Neonakis from Beavotron.  She also has many previous game-based valentines from previous years.  All excellent!

More Left 4 Dead things!
  • Very cool hack to have a 3d effect with Left 4 Dead.  But you need Windows Vista 32-bit or XP 64-bit and Nvidia 8xxx series or greater!  (3d glasses and Left 4 Dead are assumed)
  • Twit 4 Dead.  I am pretty much enamored with Twitter and Left 4 Dead so if you put them together... well... I'm happy.   This developer made up some bots to play the game and tweet the dialogue.   He hasn't run the program for a while but he's the twitter search to look for.

Added BONUS! These are a few of Francis's (the surly biker guy of this survival quartet) least favorite things...
Now you can dance to it in video!