Hard to believe - OnLive 48 Mins Video Demo

This is really hard to believe!

But I think this fellow is missing the mark with this OnLive...

I wonder why OnLive is screwing around with being a virtual game host and not business app hose or even general home use...

This game thing is really something that speaks to a larger audience than just games. Games is really the spikey-outside use.

Folks talks about the eradication of STEAM, Direct2Drive, et al.

The point is I don't even need a computer anymore. I'd just need a constant connection to the Internet via any HW medium.

THAT is the really revolutionary thing.

If this OnLive provides the computing power in the "cloud", then I don't need a computer. I can access my computer and programs that Google/Yahoo doesn't provide for me - then get all of my stuff via OnLive through any HW medium.

If I had a business and they had a really compelling price, then I would buy/subscribe to a big slice of OnLive and then divvy up the access to my employees. They can bring their own computer or iPhone or whatever to do their work as long as they have an Internet connection.

He can try to mess around with consoles and that would be cool. But if he can make the concept of anywhere personal computer on any HW medium, then he has something with seriously wide appeal.

And the other thing is the interfaces of the various devices may leave something to be desired; this is really allowing demanding games to play on devices that are not meant to. This could give a LOT of life to the weak Netbooks with rock-solid Internet connections.

Very cool.