Apple vs Adobe

With the whole Apple vs Adobe Flash cluster, I think articles like this from Matt Kenefick of Big Spaceship are a breath of fresh air. Strictly Democratic Tools Build Boredom and Disinterest

Also in review of Steve Jobs article, this analysis of his letter is pretty fair.

Though Mr. Jobs doesn't give one whit about currying my favor, Apple would win more "points" if he just came out and said, "This is my (AppStore/iPhone/iPad/iPod) business and we are protecting it."

Just like Adobe wants to protect its business so is Apple.

I still got an iPhone and love it but why not give consumers a choice and let them sort it out?

If Flash on iPhone is the power-sucking, poor UI making, unstablizing force Steve Jobs purports it to be, don't you think most folks would just get it, try it and then if truly terrible, not use it?