Misc Spy stuff

Interesting fictional spy stuff that I've been looking at lately:
  • We went to D.C. and went to the International Spy Museum. Pretty cool history and tip of the hat to the fictional spies. May have a James Bond specific exhibit next year...
  • Though Mr Wave of Blood recommended Dangerman as pre-cursor to the Prisoner, but I have to voice my affection for the Avengers (the Emma Peel years).
  • The New Bond book in Financial Times - Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver - AND NOW I FEEL OLD, because I'm now "older" than James Bond (he's 30-ish). Thanks again to Wave of Blood for the link
  • Anime Spy 60's Cold War Noir with a female protagonist - Cyborg-009-1. It isn't brain surgery awesome but it is an interesting take.
  • Also wishing I had more time to watch Alias


  1. Wave of Blood12:28 PM PDT

    Spies! I LOVE SPIES! Oh... I did help contribute to this post! So to comment... Yes, the Avengers (Emma Peel years) is the most awesome followed closely by the original Mission: Impossible series. My wife and I watched almost ALL of the Alias episodes as they aired (how's that for dedication) and are big fans of Burn Notice rebroadcasts on KRON ch 4 Wednesdays at 9 AND 10 PM - double action!! Will need to check out that anime that Tony recommends! Is it more family-friendly than Archer??? Ninjas are pretty cool, but a good spy yarn is always number one in my book (e.g., the Rain series by Barry Eisler - xCIA Ops, of course).

  2. Whoa all of Alias? Very dedicated.

    Cyborg-009-1 is slightly provocative... not as adult as Archer. Might want to check out a preview first... www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5Qa45x4qWs

    You keep talking about the Rain series...

  3. Wave of Blood11:10 AM PDT

    Will watch the vid - have requested the DVD at the library. Rain: http://www.barryeisler.com/books.php

    scroll down for the series (in reverse order). CHECK IT OUT!


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