Podcast about Ted Chiang's "Stories of Your Life and Others" one of my favorite Science Fiction Short Story Collections

I know folks are probably tired of my saying this but Ted Chiang's "Stories of Your Life and Others " is one of my absolute favorite collections of stories.

The stories all have that easy style of drawing me into the story without a lot of ceremony or typical build up of "environment set-up". WHAM! And I'm invested!

This inaugural podcast picked Ted's book as the first subject. http://www.sfsignal.com/archives/2012/07/sf-crossing-the-gulf-episode-1-a-discussion-of-ted-chiangs-exhalation-and-others/

Good taste.

I might like to follow this podcast.


  1. Dave the Wave3:06 PM PDT

    Requested from the library... CHECK!!! Thanks!


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