So SO very late to the OGRE Kickstarter thing... *sigh*

Man, I am so late to the party it isn't even funny.

I guess I should be happy that I didn't have to agonize over getting in or not.  (And yet I'm not feeling the "happy")

But I have to admit, I think the Craig Rogers strategy of running many many lightweight and cheap GEVs into and destroying the OGRE tank treads kind of broke the game for me.

Then you just pelt the immobile OGRE with long range howitzers at your leisure.

I grew up on these PocketGames and OGRE was definitely one of the biggies for me.  (G.E.V. and BattleSuit).

I wonder how far behind "Invasion of the Air Eaters", "Wizard", "Warrior", "RIVETS", "Chitin", "WarpWar" and the whole Pocketgames library could be.  :-)

Or those Task Force Games:   STARFIRE!!!  OR SUPER-Deluxe SWORDQUEST?


  1. Dave the Wave10:33 AM PDT

    Oh yes - I lost to Wheels once when he used that tactic and never played again. But to play all those pocket games again... very nice. If you still have them Tony, I'll play you sometime when we're old and enfeebled, unable to handle the latest RTS or FPS.

  2. Good to know Craig didn't do it to just me. :-)

    I am not sure where "Invasion of the Air Eaters" is... So many Pocketgames are most likely lost. :-(

  3. Dave the Wave8:21 AM PDT

    Oh yes, gone to the winds. Pete or Jake may know.

  4. Pete or Jake may know ... what?

    Anyhoo, here's a Microgame cover museum site -

    Definitely a blast from the past.

  5. Dave the Wave8:29 AM PDT

    they were big players of the pockgames too... so may have some hidden away safely!


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