Time sensitive: Old Ultima games for free

I have no idea how long this will last.

But if you have a GOG.com account you can get

... for free!

It is part of a Ultima Franchise sale (all Ultima 1-9 games + expansions for ~$18) but these games mentioned above are free!

I realize that Ultima IV looks aged but the story it told...

Now you can get it on your modern computers without digging up your disks!!!

Nick Fong, you can play all 8 classes to avatar again!


  1. Dave the Wave10:26 AM PDT

    Disks? Jeez!

  2. Better than cassette tapes.

    I do believe I have just dated myself.


    1. Dave the Wave8:19 AM PDT

      Ha ha! I remember playing Trek on Trash-80 Model IIIs using cassette tapes...

    2. Wellll? Did you get the free games? Also they sell "Master Of Magic" on GOG.com for $5.99. (I got it for $2.99 this weekend!)

  3. Wave of Blood8:27 AM PDT

    ha, no, had a $50 amazon cert so went bonkers and bought some super bundles: Deux Ex / DE Human Evoluation, Fallout 3, Hitman (Contracts, and two others), PlanetScape Torment and Splinter Cell (bundle). I have way too many games to play!!! HA HAHAHHAHHHAHHHAHHHHHHH

  4. Whoa. Hey Mister... I don't want any trouble... I'm backing away slowly...

    I got Deux Ex Human Evolution as well... I want to play that.

    Now I only need time.


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