The next wave of Games Revolution

Interesting article by Tadhg Kelly about the future of games and with a look back of recent tectonic shifts in the whole gaming world.

Key Points he makes in the article --


1. SOCIAL STOPPED WORKING - Overestimation of the power of only social over marketing
2. THE PRICE RUSH - the value of free to get eyeballs is lost in the rising tide of all-free
3. WHO’S AFRAID OF SCALE? - Digital distribution will consume the remaining XX% of the game platforms/providers
4. BEHAVIOURISM GONE BAD - repeating the same game play (or Zygna copying) bores players
5. GRAPHICS GRAPHICS GRAPHICS! - the cycle of differentiation points to a new wave of graphics pushing to grab attention

Note to Self: Read another article from this author to look at: Four Lenses of Game Making -