You say Disneyification like it is a bad thing....

Interesting talk at the MOMA in NY.    It was a talk about  how the imagined world of a perfect city was captured by Disneyland.    This Q&A (link) with Jennifer Gray talks alittle about her talk.


  • The Architecture of Disneyland generates a reassurance and comfort.  A place that never really was.  
  • Diesney used the new medium of TV to generate the concept of Disneyland in his viewers before the physical place was even built.  (I know one person who grew up reading and watching this germination of an idea and promised himself he would be there when he grew up) 
  • "...the visitor was no longer a mere viewer, but an actor in the fiction of Disneyland. This deliberate marketing of experience was novel."
  • "The socio-economic impacts are probably more powerful. Disney amusement parks create an expectation among visitors that cities should be immaculate, apolitical, highly ordered spaces populated, for the most part, by people not unlike themselves."