How cute! A Xmas Doctor puppet saves Christmas!

Not the usual Doctor Who Christmas special!

An amazing Matt Smith likeness!
Check it out!


  1. Dave the Wave1:28 PM PST

    Finally had a chance to catch up on your site and a lot of great content (apart from that model train thingy... I wanted to hear it in German!) Ha Ha! The Champions reference was classic RPG old-school goodness! Thank you! And the movie based on the game based on the comic that was based on the dice based on the blog based on the stuffed animal, etc. etc. looked pretty good - go GDT! And the lightninig and dog bearing gifts... great pics - already sent them to one or two folks! Thank you for this blog and all the best in 2013!!!

    1. Happy New Year, Mr. the-Wave!

      Thanks for being my only reader of this blog!


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