List of Top 75 Superman stories

As I get ready to watch "Man of Steel", this list of comics will help remind me of some of the really good stories.

Top 75 Superman Stories

It is a very fair list.  I don't completely agree with the ordering of the "best" stories...

I think Superman: Secret Identity (#9 on this list) should be #1.  Kurt Busiek (Astro City) and Stuart Immonen delivered a wonderful meta twist on the Superman mythology but it plays lightly with the known Superman stories and it feels honest and real.

I didn't really get the "Whatever happened to Superman" story (#1).  I know it was meant to shock as it was "not an imaginary story" but it just seemed mean-spirited all the way through.  Maybe it was just me.

Also I really liked John Byrne's Generations series I (#33).  I liked how he paid attention to the costume style to match the age.   I felt it deserved a higher ranking.  I also like Generations series II and III.

"All-Star Superman" (#3) was great and I loved how it tied together with "DC 1,000,000" (#21).  

I really should read "Red Son" some day.