Very funny Pacific Rim Posters (and my movie review)

I watched "Pacific Rim" and I enjoyed it immensely.  

(my review on the very bottom) 

I am now a JaegerMeister!

So they created this In-Browser App (in Unity3d) which allows you to create posters with the Jaegers... 

And of course, the Internet has infiltrated and made it funny.


My Review (not really spoilerish but YMMV)
I saw it on IMAX 3d and it was very appropriate for scale!

The perspective of the shots gave a really great sense of the monsters.  I felt more surprised by the fights and the ferocity than I thought I'd be.  More suspense and sneaky fighting than Man of Steel's fighting.  Just felt more creative...  Using big ships, using shipping transtainers, big gorilla jumping on back attacks...

The story was pretty simple but I was satisfied with the pace and the character developments.  

I loved the Mako-trapped-chasing-the-rabbit memory.  The Giant Kajiu in the city was terrifying and awesome!

Idris Elba was mesmerizing.  I totally felt his command presence when he was on screen.  Ron Perlman and the two science guys were very funny.  (I would have sworn the JJ Abrams looking scientist was JJ Abrams.)

I almost wish they'd have a Clone Wars like TV show where they cover the in-between wars leading up to the movie.  So the other robots could showcase their glory!  


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