Important stuff: How to win at Roshambo!!!

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The heart of it...

However, on closer inspection, the organisers noticed a surprising pattern of behaviour.
When players won a round, they tended to repeat their winning rock, paper or scissors more often than would be expected at random (one in three).
Hidden psychology
Losers, on the other hand, tended to switch to a different action. And they did so in order of the name of the game - moving from rock, to paper, to scissors.
After losing with a rock, for example, a player was more likely to play paper in the next round than the "one in three" rule would predict.
Anticipating this pattern - and thereby trumping your opponent - "may offer higher pay-offs to individual players" they write.This "win-stay lose-shift" strategy is known in game theory as a conditional response - and it may be hard-wired into the human brain, the researchers say.