Some great recent DC comic related shorts

I thought these were pretty great!

Batman Beyond (with original voices!!!) and a tip of the hat to many of the incarnations of Batman.

Superman through out the years up to "Man of Steel"

(Behind the scenes)

Flash TV preview - kinda excited by this one... you can see Reverse-Flash in this one.

Batman done in a 1940's motif but still in the Bruce Timm style.

Constantine TV preview - though this Constantine doesn't seems totally tortured, it seems creepy enough

Gotham TV preview - I hope it is good. I wonder if Bruce will end up doing a "Wesley Crusher" in every episodes.


  1. The Wave1:21 PM PDT

    Constantine looks pretty good! Although yes, he doesn't seem as tortured as perhaps he *should* be. That's the happy world of TV for ya!


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