If you know who Garth of Izar is THEN recommended for you --> Star Trek Independent Film - Axanar (and Prelude to Axanar)

Though I enjoy Star Wars, I have to admit to being a Star Trek fan, first and foremost.

The fact that I read about this Star Trek endeavor in my daily morning dead tree version of WSJ (link) meaning I am SO late to this Axanar party, it is mind-boggling.

Ok, putting my chagrin aside...I went to the Axanar home site (link)

I watched the Prelude to Axanar, a 20 minute movie on YouTube.  And I thought it was really well done.

It felt like a real canon Star Trek show with some earlier references from the Original Series like narration by John Gill ("Patterns of Force") and, of course, Garth of Izar ("Whom Gods Destroy") as well as Vulcan Ambassador Soval (played by Gary Graham) from Enterprise.

This is set in the time before the Original Series and, seemingly, many years after Enterprise.

This was done as a proof of concept for a longer ask for more money for a feature length film, Axanar (to be released in 4 episodes).

Just very cool for those Star Trek fans out there.

As of 9/12/2015, it is asking for donations to fund this and it has reached the level for one episode on IndieaGoGo.  Clickable link below.

I will support it.  Just got figure out what perk I want.  :-)