Never give up! Never surrender! A love letter to Galaxy Quest which was a love letter to Star Trek...

UPDATED (2017-11-13): Just found an Oral History of GalaxyQuest from 2014 when the wonderful Alan Rickman was with us.  (here)  He is missed greatly.

It was either in 1999 or 2000, I remember watching this movie at a surprisingly full theatre near Great America, Santa Clara.  I left thinking this movie was hilarious and hoped that this movie would go on and make billions of dollars.

It didn't.

It made $90Mil = $78Mil domestic and $12Mil overseas on a $45Mil budget.

But by Grabthar's Hammer, it was glorious!!!

Learn more 33-ish behind-the-scenes facts about one of the funniest Science Fiction movies ever: Galaxy Quest. (link)

BONUS: Fact #28 of #33 - I have never seen this but here's an E! mockumentary on Galaxy Quest's impact.  (At least I don't remember seeing it before...)


  1. The Wave10:37 AM PST

    And Alan Rickman!!! HUGE!!! Thank you for reviving this classic!


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