Really? Over 30 years? *sigh* Play Apple ][ games on your browser!

In 1981 (or 2), I remember a bunch of us nerdy 7th graders sitting around an Apple ][ which was playing Wizardry.

(SIDENOTE: no number... this was like  "The Great War" - we never even contemplated another Wizardry forthcoming.   Our little brains would have imploded back then.) 

Each of us took on the control/role of one of the six adventurers in the party.  Cheering when our "character" hit a monster and groaning when we took a hit.

And there were more than six of us so some of us had to double up on a character.

It is still one of my fondest computer gaming memories.

(Don't even ask about when there was only ONE character to root for.   I'm looking at you, Temple of Apshai)


Here's a way some of that world will be preserved - the Internet Archives have saved some Apple ][ games and are letting you run it in your browser!  (here)  It is an interesting read to find out what needed to be done as well as some of the non-gaming programs which no cracker/hacker bothered to un-copy-protect.

(SIDENOTE 2: Come to think of it.  My mind did go into a system panic when I heard about Knight of Diamonds and how the same characters were going into a new scenario...) 

ps. Here's the Wizardry manual - WHICH I LOVED!!! (and the other Wizardry-s as well)

pps Here's Wizardry - but the MS DOS version -


  1. Wave of Blood12:13 PM PDT

    +1000 - Great memories... and I remember redoing the game on my "thin" Mac...! Good times, good times! Thank you for posting!


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