Tired of the underwhelming news on TV?

Tired of seeing "news" which Kardashian begat Caitlyn begat Housewives of Ripa begat Lemonade begat LipSyncCarKaraoke begat TrumpSteakSchool begat ...

Yep.  Me too.

Frontline's "The Secret History of ISIS" is on tonight May 17th - but check out your local PBS TV station for the schedule.

It covers the long running growth-in-the-vacuum of this now virtual-state known as DAESH  (thanks for spelling correction, Wave of Blood!)  [I can't use Isis for their name.  I keep thinking about the Isis superheroine.].

How signs were missed post-Iraq and, more importantly, how we might be able to perceive the problem next time.

It is deeply informed journalism which is getting rarer and rarer.

via analysis found on TV Worth Watching (link)


  1. Wave of Blood10:47 AM PDT

    Love Frontline - great journalism. One point - the alternative name ISIL is the "generic" name but the name "DAESH" is an Arabic acronym standing for "al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham" which incidentally DAESH reportedly doesn't like. Cheers!

  2. Wave of Blood10:48 AM PDT

    And yes, I don't like the name "ISIS"... that's an Egyptian goddess not a bunch of thugs.

  3. Corrected! I guess I've only heard the term. Never read it. Thank you, Mysterious Wave of Blood!


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