A scary yet insightful read on how to generate "fake news"

Got a shoestring marketing budget?  Have a person/new media celebrity who doesn't mind living as the target of simultaneously-massive yet parallel campaigns of hate and of adoration?  Do you have a phone and an internet connection?

Oh, yeah.  And do you have a tremendous capacity to rabble-rouse and, essentially, lie?

Then this book, Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday (the kindle edition) is a recipe book for your.

Also only now $1.99.

The book covers how Mr. Holiday feeds (real) outrage over (fake) outrage on top of his controversial client and whips up the ravenous news engine with controversial news-nuggets which we (the collective consumer of "free" news) just gobble up and emit into our own social webs.

And this is literally like having a magician reveal his secrets and, no matter what your personal leanings are, you will have to admit that he is pretty damn good.

Now, I have to fully admit I'm not sure if how much of this is me being manipulated by Mr. Holiday as I write up this recommendation.

But the real point is... I'm questioning it (and most everything media) now armed with knowledge of a few more techniques of manipulation.