Narrow-casting to the Musically-Podcast-loving-Romantic-Sappy-Drama-Queen in you: "36 questions: the Musical"

I am SO over dating.  (Not even sure how I got through it.)

Therefore the "36 questions" (link)  flew way under my radar...  until I was randomly listening to KQED Forum and their Summer Podcast (episode link) while driving.

I'm VERY lucky if can remember one thing from the radio but "36 questions: the Musical" made me smile goofy and shiver at the same time.

It is presented as a series of voice memos so we are eavesdropping into these two people's lives.  Two people who have theatrical banter, great voices, and really hook-y self-insight songs.

Anyways, it is a Podcast in three acts.  Act 1 and Act 2 are out now at the time of this writing.  Act 3 is coming out second(?) week of August, 2017.

Though this is most probably NOT for everyone, I think I love it [this talent, this format, this sappy music drama] way too much.

Parental Note: This isn't really for the kiddies as adult thoughts are shared with voice memos.

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