Stewart Wieck passed away - Founder of White Wolf and Worlds of Darkness RPG

Honestly, I never played any of the Worlds of Darkness RPGs.

But I read any of those sourcebooks every chance I got.

The worlds were so richly developed; I wished I could find friends (and time) to make them with.

  • Werewolves as wild unruly defenders of the wild against an ever encroaching concrete civilization.
  • The act of magic as an dangerous last stand against the Consensus Reality: mankind's unconscious "rational+scientific" group-think suppression of the inexplicable and the uncontrollable.
  • Immortal court intrigue as families fight a centuries long shadow war for the control of all clans in a increasingly external dangerous world of man and an internal war of controlled calm demeanor against the raging hunger thirst for blood.

It just was so cool.

Stewart Wieck was a co-founder of White Wolf and co-creator of the Worlds of Darkness RPGs passed away.

Thank you for adding this set of rich immortal worlds of story.

from Satyros Phil Brucato (link)