Amazon Provides a Dose of Humor via really weird "reviews"

Cool Real-World Advertisements with STICKERS!

Motivate your team (and yourself)

Human Jet flies formation with Jets

Neat 3d Street Art

Amazon == GINORMOUS!

Self-check - Are you slipping into one of these employee types?

Awesome Papercraft miniatures of Warhammer40k

Never missing the hard hitting issues - The White House says "No Aliens information here"

Triumph + Occupy Wall Street

Random SF pic

libdivide - optimization of integer division

NERGASM!!! - Batman and Space Ghost TOGETHER

Dennis Ritchie - Rest in Piece

Star Trek Online used for Fan-Films - Star Trek Reunion

Inadvertent Admission of Chinese Cyber Hacking?

Earthquakes are not funny... but this is funny.

Persistent T-800 Twitter account

Cool visualization of the proliferation of Newspapers in the USA

Beam me aboard. Next Stop: Star Trek Theme Park in Jordan

Cut and paste the DNA of Living Bacteria on NPR's Science Friday

Old Kirk vs New Kirk

An Ultra-reason to be late for work.

Old News - But a AMAZING display of Street Fighter skill

Remember getting 16 CDs for a penny from Columbia House?

Very cool shots of levitating lady photographer

Type like a movie Hacker

What not to say...

Star Wars Empire Strikes back - in ICONS

Misc Spy stuff

ZOMG! New words added to the Oxford dictionary!

"20 things I learned about the browser and the internet" in this free e-book

French Fan Made Matrix movie = Good?!

Real post from CDC - In case of Zombie Apocalypse

Forsooth! An 8-bit Thor game in Flash!

BitCoin - the ultimate underground currency

Lonely Island + Michael Bolton = Funny Michael Bolton???

Nick Pitera - One Man Disney music

Funny "Great Women Writers in History" video

Mission Accomplished. Obama-style.

What do you see?

Chaosium preps Call of Cthulhu 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition

R.I.P. Elisabeth Sladen

Wonderful Video from WNYCs RadioLab

Yosemita waterfall which looks like a lava flow...

1961 PDP-1 SpaceWar!

Fun game for Movie buffs

More awesomeness - Live Action Street Fighter videos!

Who knew Sheen Family Circus was so brilliant and surreal?

Completely stunning mash-up 40k and pirates miniature work

Awesome Double Fine Art

Summary of the Flash MindMeld

Sword + Shadow Play!

I am in DC Universe Online

OLD NEWS: Conan O'Brian animated as DC Universe

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6 keys to being excellent at anything

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James Cameron's Avaliens or Alieatar

Flowchart for contractors/freelancers

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