How cute! A Xmas Doctor puppet saves Christmas!

World's largest miniature train set!

More Big Robots and Big Monsters Fighting!

Mega Man vs Street Fighter!!!

Funny Stamp from Pokemon-savvy Teacher

Ash vs Lightning nature photos

Two dogs (in suits) carrying a large boxed gift

Remember drawing on those superhero templates in Champions?

Really cool mashup of 50+ songs from 2012!

Star Wars in ASCII ...

Interesting Article about writing for a book vs. screenplay writing

Disney Super Sentai Combining Mega Robots *gasp*

"Cloud thing with Computers"? Umm, yeah. We got that.

Disney now owns Star Wars and Indiana Jones

Jaw (and head) dropping illusion!

Whoa... ElectraWoman and DynaGirl reboot attempt in 2001

Lego DC Heroes Direct to Video Movie? Yes!

Batman + BubbleGum Crisis' Boomer = RoboCop 2012!

Iron Man Anime - direct to video film sequel of the previous Iron Man Anime series

The next wave of Games Revolution

You say Disneyification like it is a bad thing....

Dr. Dobb's 2012 Salary Survey

Getting into Halloween Spirit

A confusing result on the copyright lawsuit from Triple Town to Yeti Town

Ahhh, memories... I loved this book (and the PH and MM)

We are the HERO in our own life's stories.

Oh MY GOD! Paul Robertson's animation on Gravity Falls!!!

Doctor Who + Dalek + Child Bedtime = HUMORRE! HUUMORRE! HUUUUMOOORRE!!! (said in a Dalek voice)

Kickstarter project: Documentary on Dungeons and Dragons's creation

Amazing to see the universe as our world rotates

Oh my god. I think I just OD'd on cuteness!

Very cool - Batman of Shanghai - DC Nation Shorts

Time sensitive: Old Ultima games for free

Gartner: Expensive and really no better than free tech opinions from Internet

So SO very late to the OGRE Kickstarter thing... *sigh*

The back story to a Space Invader...

Special Purpose Entity

True that.

Awesome looking My Little Ponies game! (I think I just puked in my mouth)

Podcast about Ted Chiang's "Stories of Your Life and Others" one of my favorite Science Fiction Short Story Collections

Infographic: Cost of Being Iron Man

Infographic: Cost of Being Batman

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Yes it is old... but it is still a geek badge - Konami Cheat Code

So you want to be CERTIFIED Google Power Searcher?

Better meetings? Eliminate the spectators

If you would buy a puppy online, please listen to this song/plead not to...

The Kessel Run <-- Spoof of Cannonball Run

Potent mite + virus killing bees

SF Weekly covers Tim Schafer

7 Deadly Mobile Design sins

Interesting NY Times article on current Cyberwar

I wish Capcom would make a DC Heroes fighting game but...

Great Tech Teardown of the Google Doodle Synth

Global Internet 2012 trend report

Oh my God. I love Community (the TV show).

Carl Reiner talking it up about Cthulhu?

Batman in Bat-Manga form now in Japanese!

Truth, Jawlines And The American Way: The Changing Face Of Superman

Top Five Regrets of the Dying

Batman is real and he's rich enough to have a Lamborghini!

Google 8-bit Maps - complete with quests!

Funny man-dog love (or hate?) picture

Very cool sculpture of The Shadow

I love the 80's - Computer RPGs

"You Shall Not Pass" SelfInking Stamp

Intros To 22 Bond Movies All At The Same Time

Cookie Monster: Lawyer and Special Guest Star: Tim Schafer

Doctor Who as Cats

War Horse: An Illustrated Review from a Horse Fanatic

I am a sap for stories like this: Love At Long Last

Interesting WhitePaper - Cheaters in the Steam Community Gaming Social Network

The timeline of Doctor Who

Awesome James Bond Movie Icons

Now You See It, Now You Don't: Time Cloak Created

Praying Mantis Vs Hummingbird