80's memory ::: 'The Fantasy Trip' FINALLY returns to Steve Jackson

A story written by someone/thing which doesn't grasp the "gist" of Harry Potter

Dark humor(?) showing how we eventually went extinct by Debbie Urbanski

This looks like a really fun "raising a SuperHero" story

I. AM. NOT. A. NUMBER. But it is the 50th anniversary of "The Prisoner"

Oscar Goldman - Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman Co-Star Richard Anderson Dead at 91

Narrow-casting to the Musically-Podcast-loving-Romantic-Sappy-Drama-Queen in you: "36 questions: the Musical"

Triple Threat - 3 Martial Artists film stars in one movie!

Stewart Wieck passed away - Founder of White Wolf and Worlds of Darkness RPG

Roger Moore story shows how he had fun with his 00 status.

Sometimes technology actually does something good.

Appendix N: The Literary History of Dungeons & Dragons

SCUMM-like replica of Maniac Mansion on PICO-8

Who cares about another picture of a hobby store display?

Generate graph paper? YES you can!

Moon Patrol + ASCII = ASCII Patrol

Free-as-in-beer Gene Wolfe's "Shadow & Claw" in eBook from Tor (limited time)

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Godzilla and King Ghidorah in "Kong: Skull Island"???

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Two free Kindle books with the 100 books (classic) you MUST read

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