Be the Wolf!

Buildr – Alternative to Maven

Brain Changes When Viewing Violent Media

FDA underfunded and understaffed

Portal: The Flash Version

Alternate Reality Game - Horror 2.0: Lance Weiler's Cinema ARG

Paper Critters: Online Paper Toy Creator

Free Desktop pics

Big Games: Playing in the streets

Steampunk PacMan

A pictorial tutorial on brainstorming art

What if Magic was Torrent-able?

How to make an Indie MMO video from the Puzzle Pirate folks (and other videos from this Indie game conf)

Freeware FPS - Alien Arena v6.10

Flash Animation Tutorial

Current sampling from Seanbaby's writings

Incredible Flash 10 Player sneak peeks

Very cool slide on AS3 features

Neurotics win in Game-AI study

Flash Player 10 - Video of 3D Features in Flash Player 10

Various links used for LPS Project

The Legend of Bruce Lee - TV Series

Bandwidth control + proxy

More, more and more lists!

The anticipation of something horrible: Americanized Kamen Rider

The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course

The Bakshi Mighty Mouse Show

Testament by Douglas Rushkoff

LIve 1 out of (Jack Bauer's) 24 hours...

Seam Carving - image aware resizing...

AS3 tween comparison

Various Testing Performance Links

One Laptop Per Child

Philosophy done in Flash

Clark and Michael

Mansion: Impossible

Game Links

Reimagined Kamen Rider V3

Simpsonize yourself

Clockers ( think SteamPunk "Hackers" )


SF/F Writers Who Blog + TED CHIANG!!!

Dwarf Fortress: the story behind the game

Killing Girl blog

Alex Toth - gallery

Magic tutorials -- Top 20 Magic Trick Tutorials

2nd OSFlash conference recordings at Aral Balkan

Tracking Iris (game) - ARG for Halo3

Zoomquilt 1 and 2

Flash Player Update 3 Beta 1

Gaia Flash Framework

More Papervision3d links

Saving JPEGs or PNGs with Flash 8 Revisited

The New Clone Wars Star Wars Trailer

I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives

Adapting Isometric Scrolling Theory to 3D Worldspace (Director3d)

Science Fiction Ship comparison charts

Free SQL Injection Scanners

StarCraft2 Confirmed....

Various Flash articles : Garbage collection, FlashLite-Brew

The Complete Contract-First or Code-First Design Files

ActionScript 3 Tip of the Day - kirupaForum

vx9900 threads and hacks

Tapestry - Better than Ruby on Rails!?

List of EZ to use game development systems

Article: Kids and teens have pushed at least 6 immersive online worlds to over 2m UU/mth in the US

ActionScript 3.0 Optimizations + PaperVision3d Tutorials

Article: Mastering the Craft of Online Gaming Infrastructure

Cool Flash Kalidascope toy

A terrible terrible terrible Fan-Batman film

Future Games : ARG + a Nobel Prize by 2032

Greg the Architect - SOA This. SOA That.

Drawing Hints!

Amazing 3d Flash adventure demo

Cool Flash stuff to look at

SF Signal: 15 Movies Re-Enacted by Bunnies

Totally trippy Flash movie!

7 Seven Minute Sopranos - a "whacked out" refresher

Must... Remember... Comedy Death Ray

Organization of Xtraordinary GentlemenTrailer

7 Sins of Performance Measurement by Michael Hammer

Baltan T-shirt!

Some 2007 updates on Japanese Tokusatsu

Ultraman: Warrior, Singer, Dancer, Lover?

Definition of Japanese (Apology) Bows

roguelike magazine – issue 1

Little-Big-Planet - Neat 3d physics sidescrolling platformer!!!

Who Is This Enterprise Architect

AS2 to AS3 Cheatsheet

3d in Flash - SWFZ Demo 2

Tales of Game's Studios Presents Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden

Flash Faux Font Weights

Flash 9: 3d bumpmapped demo

When SysAdmins Ruled the Earth

REST vs. WS-*: A Parable

San Francisco Treasure Hunts

Captain E(ey)O(re)

Boston Game Jam

Microsoft's XNA: A Primer

Preloaders in AS3 w/o IDE

Funny Nike Japanese PowerRanger commercial

Mike Ebert Profile + Art

Manga Simpsons and Futurama

A2/AS3 Speed Comparision Demo

Really cool Line Rider Video

Google Web Toolkit

FlashForward KeyNote at MacWorld